New Range of eco-friendly Road Dust Suppressants from CHRYSO S.A.


Chryso Southern Africa has launched a new range of dust suppressants locally developed by the company specifically for the sealing of dirt roads on the African continent.

The new Chryso Eco Dust range consist of four products:

  • Chryso Eco Dust 100: an emulsified road surface lubricant with particles that bind together to form a dust-suppressing film. This ‘top of the range’ poly-adhesive surface sealer, with ultra-fine dust-binding particles, offers exceptionally long water resistance;
  • Chryso Eco Dust 200: a vinyl acetate emulsion surface sealer that can be used on its own on non-maintained roads or, for longer service on maintained roads, as a second application following pre-sealing with Chryso Eco Dust Primer;
  • Chryso Eco Dust Oil: an emulsified surface lubricant ideal for users with a regular maintenance programme; and
  • Chryso Dust Primer: a light brown surface primer, ideally used in conjunction with Chryso Eco Dust 200.


Michelle Fick, Chryso Southern Africa Group Executive Relationship and Project Manager, says the new Eco Dust range will ideally complement and expand the wide range of dosing products and equipment already supplied by the company locally.


CHRYSO ecodust forestry truck

The forestry industry is just one of many potential sectors that would benefit from Chryso’s new Eco Dust road sealers.

“The eco-friendly, UV-resistant and VOC-free Eco Dust range will be particularly welcomed by mines and quarries that have to comply with increasingly stringent health, safety, and environmental regulations all over Africa. Because of the long-lasting effect of the Eco Dust range, the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions of water tankers spraying the dirt roads will be drastically lowered. It is easy to apply, in prescribed diluted form, with any water tanker fitted with a rear-mounted liquid distribution bar, and the roads can be used immediately after being sealed,” Fick stated.


CHRYSO ecodust water tanker

The range is easy to apply to road surfaces with a water tanker, fitted with a liquid distribution bar.

The sealing process, basically, consists of applying the slurry evenly over the road surface followed by compaction with a vibratory roller. The road is then swept with a mechanical broom, and compacted again without vibration.

Fick said reductions in water consumption, road-grading labour, as well as vehicle maintenance are additional benefits. Increased visibility and road gripping for all vehicles add to the Eco Dust safety advantages. 

“The new range’s applications are extremely varied as well. Apart from mines and quarries, dusty gravel and dirt roads that require sealing and maintenance can be found at cement plants, precast yards, building sites, farms, game reserves, rural airfields, paddocks, and less developed residential areas. Country sandy football pitches could also do with regular sealing. Agricultural co-ops, and dust-sensitive sections of the forestry industry are other potential applicators.

“The Chryso Eco Dust range created tremendous interest when it was recently launched at The Concrete Conference in Johannesburg. Its low cost of application and reduced maintenance costs compared to paving or tarred roads are seen as major benefits at a time when many industries, especially mining and agriculture, are experiencing difficult times,” Fick added.

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