CHRYSO Solutions for Every Readymix Need


The readymix sector faces a plethora of different demands daily for concrete applications, and CHRYSO Southern Africa has the solutions to ensure that every delivery meets the customer’s requirements.

Common issues such as durability of concrete due to shrinkage cracking can be addressed by CHRYSO products that reduce early and long-term drying shrinkage, whilst the CHRYSO® Fluid Optima range combats the effect that shrinkage reduced admixtures may have on the strength of the concrete.

Pumping concrete over long horizontal or vertical distances brings the danger of concrete stiffening in the line which can disrupt the pumping operation. CHRYSO’s product ranges can modify concrete rheology to provide the required lubrication within the pump line, reducing pump pressures and improved concrete flowability and providing better workability retention for long pumping distances.

For concrete mortars, CHRYSO admixtures can improve plasticity, cohesion and adherence, and prevent infiltration of water, plastic shrinkage cracking, and the segregation of fine cement and sand particles. Shotcreting is another common application that can be enhanced by the right concrete; available solutions include fibres for cohesive mix to limit rebound and shotcrete accelerators to improve build-up.

Fibre reinforced concrete is ideal for limiting the formation of cracks and for improving surface quality; it can even provide an alternative to mesh reinforcement. Superplasticisers are part of the offering, as fibres tend to reduce the workability of fresh concrete.

Increased concrete workability is easily achieved using CHRYSO admixtures.

Impermeable concrete for waterproof or underwater applications can be achieved by CHRYSO products that reduce water content and water-cement ratios, as well as admixtures that block pores in concrete. In situations where vibration is not possible to compact concrete, self-compacting concrete is the answer and the correct CHRYSO product will allow high fluidity, ease of placing and finishing, with extended slump retention if required

CHRYSO’s extensive range of solutions is based on leading-edge R&D, and can be produced in 26 facilities worldwide, each equipped with sophisticated technology for precision manufacturing.