Robust general purpose old generation super plasticiser suitable for use with OPC and PPC. Formulated for use in site batch plants where transport times between batching and placement are typically under 2 hours.

  • No segregation.
  • CHRYSO®Fluid L can be used to manufacture a wide range of concrete
  • Cement content optimised for desired mechanical strengths.
  • CHRYSO®Fluid L is compatible with most types of cement (except aluminous cement).
  • CHRYSO®Fluid L is compatible with most types of SCMs like slag, fly ash and silica fume.
  • The early mechanical strength of concrete is increased as a direct result of the lower water/ cement ratio.
  • Quick hardening - certain synthetic chemical components within CHRYSO®Fluid L may cause a slight set acceleration, particularly at low temperatures.
  • The accelerating agents contained in CHRYSO®Fluid L, combined with significant water reduction results in high mechanical strengths of all ages.
Domains of application
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Readymix concrete
  • Precast concrete
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