CHRYSO®Plast Omega 103

A new generation plasticizer formulated to deliver a very cohesive concrete, limit bleeding in a normal range of slumps whilst maintaining very long workability retention (slump retention) at every level of consistency. Has the benefit of a highly variable dose range to which extends its use in a great range of concrete.

  • CHRYSO®Plast Omega 103's molecular structure has been especially designed to give it exceptional properties in the adjunction of common concrete.
  • CHRYSO®Plast Omega 103 helps obtain very long workabilities at every level of consistency, compared to classical admixtures.
  • CHRYSO®Plast Omega 103 has a large scale of dosage, which extends its use in a great range of concrete.
  • CHRYSO®Plast Omega 103 results in a homogeneous concrete, without bleeding.
  • With this innovative admixture, the concrete obtained is cohesive and its viscosity is low, which helps to obtain better-looking facings.
  • Thanks to its characteristics, CHRYSO®Plast Omega 103 is the appropriate additive for civil engineering building sites and the ready-to-use concrete industry.
Domains of application
  • All types of cement
  • Ready mixed concrete
  • High workability concrete
  • Pumped concrete
  • Highly reinforced concrete
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