CHRYSO®Optima ME 40

A new generation superplasticizer based on modified polycarboxylate and synthetic polymers formulated specifically for the Use of Cem I cements blended with Limestone, Slag or Fly Ash where cohesive, low viscous concrete with long workability retention is desired without compromising the setting time. CHRYSO®Optima ME 40 enables the production of self-leveling concrete.

  • CHRYSO®Optima ME 40 allows concrete with an important workability to be obtained, while reducing the water/cement ratio.
  • Enhances the workability retention of concrete in hot climates.
  • The dispersion properties of CHRYSO®Optima ME 40 allow the user to optimise the cement content when a specified mechanical strength is required.
Domains of application
  • All types of cements.
  • Heavy prefabrication.
  • High performance concrete, ultra high performance concrete.
  • Pre-stressed concrete.
  • Ready-mix concrete.
  • Concrete of humid, plastic or fluid consistency.
  • Normal or high flowable concrete.
  • High strength concrete with high workability retention.
  • Compatible with Micro silica, GGBS and Fly Ash.
  • Extended workability concrete.
  • White or pale concrete.


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