A powder activator used for formulated specifically for PPC grinding stations where mill heat can not be achieved and where liquid grinding aids and activators can not be used.

  • Signi?cant increase of early age (24 and 48 hour) mechanical strengths as well as maintained 28 day strengths.
  • Allows for ?y ash and slag extension and therefore decreases the percentage of clinker in cement in order to reduce CO2 emissions and production costs.
  • Allows for reduction of cement in certain applications (i.e. brick manufacturing, CPM, Paste Fill and shotcrete systems.
Domains of application
  • CHRYSO®PMA 70 E is used in the manufacture of CEMII; CEMIII, CEM IV and CEMV type cements.
  • CHRYSO®PMA 70 E is a high ef?ciency, strength improving activator that is speci?cally formulated to increase the early age mechanical strengths of blended cement.
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