A high-performance grinding aid specifically formulated for cement grinding in vertical roller mills, significantly increasing productivity by stabilising the bed and significantly reducing water injection.

  • CHRYSO® VRM 159 decreases the need for water injection (up to 50%) through the reduction of mill vibration (~30%). Table vibration is reduced by improving the bed stability and thickness.
  • By lowering the water addition, the cement will have greater mechanical strengths, and reduced setting time.
  • CHRYSO® VRM 159 increases the mill productivity between 6% and 18% (this is dependent on grinding equipment and the characteristics of the material to be ground.)
  • This greater productivity reduces grinding energy costs and creates a positive packset effect.
  • CHRYSO® VRM 159 also reduces the circulating load at constant feed
    (?P decrease). The separator efficiency is improved on primarily through the reduction of agglomeration.
Domains of application
  • CHRYSO® VRM 159 is used in cement produced, according to SANS 50197-1 (EN 197-1).
  • CHRYSO® VRM 159 is a high performance grinding aid that is specifically formulated for cement grinding in vertical roller mills.
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