A grinding aid specifically formulated to entrain air into masonry cement and improve the waterproofing characteristics of mortar and plaster.

  • Better control of air contents with optimised bubble size and spacing and good water
    retention properties.
  • Easier and more thorough mortar mixing.
  • Improved trowelability, flowability and water tightness.
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage in plaster due to improved water retention (a result of the air entrainment).
  • Increased mill production (10% to 20%) – depending on the efficiency of the equipment and the characteristics of the material to be ground.
  • Improved performance in both closed and open circuit systems, at equal specific surface area or equal sieve residues.
  • Reduction of cement agglomeration on the media, diaphragm, liners and the separator.
  • Powder flow characteristics are improved before, during and after storage – resulting in improved packing times and packing consistency.
Domains of application
  • CHRYSO®AEM is used in accordance with masonry cement SANS 50413-1 (ENV 413-1).
  • CHRYSO®AEM is specifically designed to entrain air in masonry type cement and is used in both open and closed circuit cement finishing mills.
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