CHRYSO®Eco Dust 200

A fine particle size surface poly-adhesive system that exhibits excellent dust binding and prolonged water resistance properties. Designed as a dust suppressant for unpaved or gravel roads that produces a durable, smooth and dust free surface that eliminates the need for frequent maintenance.

  • Easy application and safe to use
  • Helps with compliance to safety, environmental, health and occupational regulations
  • Safety - Increased road visibility, increased grip
  • Creates a dust free environment, complete dust suppression
  • Less fuel usage
  • Reduced road and vehicle maintenance
  • Reduced man hours
  • UV resistance
  • Cuts down water usage
  • Eliminate grading and watering
  • Savings compared to traditional paving and tar roads
  • VOC free
Domains of application
  • Unpaved roads (gravel, farm, quarry roads)
  • Road stabilization (gravel airstrips)
  • Mine and industrial dust suppression (stock pile, mine dumps)
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