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Project details
Sri Lanka

Construction of the Outer Circular Highway to the City of Colombo (from Kadawatha to Kaduwela) under the Ministry of Port and Highways Road Development Authority (RDA) which comprises:
- a 4-lane main highway of 8.9 km long
- 2 interchanges
- 21 bridges

High-performance CHRYSO® concrete admixtures are designed to achieve long workability, cohesiveness, increased strengths and durability.

CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 100 are used for the 1957 precast girders:
- It required slump retention to deliver the concrete and high early strengths for deshuttering.
- The concrete was cohesive whatever lack of fines and variations of content.

CHRYSO®Omega 101 and CHRYSO®Omega 104 are used for Super/Sub Structures including 1700 bored and foundation piles:
- Two CHRYSO® solutions, specifically adapted to crush sands, soften the concrete without much higher binder dosage.
- 2-hour slump retention achieved at required strength level.

Project participants :

Owner: Road Development Authority (RDA)
Contractor: Taisei Corporation (Japan)
RMC Suppliers, precast Girders: Taisei Corporation
Structural concrete works: Tokyo Supermix
Bored Piles: Access Engineering
CHRYSO® solutions
CHRYSO®Optima 100 CHRYSO®Omega SL 104 CHRYSO®Omega 101
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