Project details

This project consists of a 5 lanes, 760 meters long curved bridge over the Wouri river.
65 000 m³ of concrete are used.

Underwater casting of piles (C 40/50) at a depth of 60 meters with a workability retention of 8 hours in tropical temperatures.
Casting of the large prestressed deck segments (C50/60) with 2 hours workability retention.
CHRYSO®Optima 145 and CHRYSO®Tard CHR used to deliver a flowable concrete, easily pumpable with a long workability retention despite temperatures up to 40°C.

Project participants :

Owner: State of Cameroon
Constructor: Sogea Satom, Soletanche Bachy (VINCI Construction)
CHRYSO® solutions
CHRYSO®Fluid Optima 145 CHRYSO®Tard CHR
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