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Project details

First fully provincial high-speed rail link, the Rhin-Rhône LGV consists in an important stage in the development of the European rail network.
CHRYSO participated to the Eastern line. This new line runs through Burgundy and Franche-Comt linking the Mediterranean LGV (Paris, Lyon, Marseille) with the rail network to the east of Europe. It will comprise 160 bridges and 13 works of art.

Project in figures:
- 160 bridges (current structures)
- 13 major works of art
- 55 km section B, line from Voray-sur-l'Ognon (Haute-Saône) to Saulnot-Corcelles (Haute-Saône)
- 30 km for section C from Villers-sur-Saulnot (Haute-Saône) to Petit-Croix (Belfort Territory)

Total volume of concrete: 270 000 m³

Admixture used: CHRYSO®Plast Omega 132
- Performant price-quality ratio: at small dosage, it works as a plasticizer, while at high dosage it acts a superplasticizer
- Met all concrete specifications.
- Comptability with all cements used.
- Achieved contractual stregnths:
- up to 50 MPa,
- homogeneous concrete without bleeding nor segregation before pouring,
- workability maintained: 90 minutes.
- Good surface quality for all parts straight from the mould.
- Allowed to keep open the decision to pump or pour the concrete from the truck depending on the accessibility of the site or of the application.

Project participants :

Owner: Réseaux Ferrés de France (R.F.F.)
Contracting authority: SCETAUROUTE
Company: GTM
Concrete manufacturer: SATM
Cement: Holcim
CHRYSO® solutions
CHRYSO®Plast Omega 132
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