Project details
Urban facilities

This huge area, which is undergoing rehabilitation, hosts few companies including a start-up incubator.
Most of the outdoor floors are made of decorative concrete (around buildings, car parks, pedestrian lanes, urban furniture floors...), which represent a total of 2,500 m² for the first phase of the project.
These floors are made using the CHRYSO®Deco Wash Pico micro-etch surface retarder which allows for a uniform appearance.

CHRYSO®Plast CER and CHRYSO®Air D have also been used to produce a C30/C37 XF2 concrete type.
The concrete mix design provides the sanded and colour effects sought after by the architect.
The stone tint is obtained using 0/6 Limestone (from Yonne region) and 6/10 black (from Auvergne region) aggregates, and a white sand, all bound with a clear cement tone.

Project participants :

Owner: Nièvre Aménagement
Contractor : COLAS
Architect, Urban planner and Landscaper: TER Agency
RMC: Alkern
Applicator: CS béton
CHRYSO® solutions
CHRYSO®Air D CHRYSO®Plast Delta CER CHRYSO®Deco Wash Pico
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